meat & noodle soup, pho style

Chicken noodle, pho, udon, ramen, shabu shabu all have one thing in common: for the love of broth!! Ok so I have always been a noodle lover, however until most recently, I had never gone to avid lengths just to have a bowl of soup for lunch.

Not just ANY bowl of soup, but one filled with more items than you’d normally get in any one plate.

So coming back for seconds in less than 2 weeks & was equally pleased with both flavor combo & choices. This time around I opted for a multi-meated “small” bowl of pho. Small as in not your average size unless the new “small” is feeding a family of 4….ok 2 very hungry people. Quick, cheap and tasty, not much more I could ask for.

Pho: A
Drinks: B-
Thai Spring Rolls: A- (needed better dipping sauce)

With my new found love for pho, my overall experience meet my expectations and I will be on the hunt for some pho fantastic meal deals in my surrounding neighborhood.