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So now that Thanksgiving is officially over, it’s time to set things into motion, not just now but for good. I’m tired of fast food, I’m tired of frozen dinners, I’m tired of being broke because of mindless eating habits, but most of all, I’m simply tired of being tired dammit!!

I want change, inside and out, I want a new lean, healthy, fit, toned, sexy & small body and really, who’s going to stop me? I dare you to even try. Step by step, inch by inch, pound by pound, this WILL happen!

I’m putting this out there because I have nothing to lose but everything to gain, including muscle mass of course. It’s been a few months now that I’ve signed up as a coach with BeachBody and its about time I take advantage of all the resources, tools and most importantly, the accountability groups set in place already to help people reach their fitness goals. (If you don’t know what BeachBody is or have never heard of it before, it’s the company that created workout programs such as P90x, Hip Hop Abs and Brazilian Butt Lift.)

I’m not saying this to try to sell you on something. I’m not asking you to join, pay or even commit, those are all decisions I have made and you’ll have to do the same for yourself, one day. All I do ask is that you continue reading and commenting on this journey of mine. I’m holding myself accountable and could use any encouragement, tips, hints or recipes along the way. (questions are welcome too)

NO MORE EXCUSES is my new motto. I’ve made my decision and have begun my commitment towards a new and healthier life. As you can see in the picture, my fridge doesn’t contain ALL healthy ingredients, I should have included a pic of the freezer lol, just kidding…obviously I just got back from the market and you can see that most of the items I purchased were on the healthy scale.

My point is I’m trying to make conscious decisions that will help me with my goals and I feel once I can do this consistently, it will become second nature to me. I know this will take time, like all ingrained habits are, but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

I know everyone waits til the holidays are over to start their new year diets, I’m just trying to be a step ahead of the game this year and my proof will be in my progress with pictures and posts. Good luck to me and everyone else out there setting and achieving whatever goals they make for themselves, JUST DO IT!!!

easy to eat & simply sweet mango with pomegranate

As the most wonderful time of the year quickly approaches, seemingly much sooner every year, our healthy and bountiful appetites follow right along. The smell of fresh baked pies, well fresh anything pretty much entices us, stares at us and screams, “eat me!!” And every year, whether I, or you, have been actively watching your figure, or lack there of,  I ask myself, “what better way is there to feed my soul than through a plate of leftovers, right?” Well at least I have been under this misconstrued assumption for the past 28 years, ok lets say 26 years of being able to indulge in solid foods.

My point is not to deter you or myself from escaping this inevitable feast of all feasts no matter what culture you partake in. My point is to ask you and myself why? Pretty simple question. Why must I gorge my face with all these delectable delights and not be able to enjoy the satisfaction of just one helping, serving, plate, etc. I think its almost scary to think about limiting holiday consumption, at least that’s the first thing that pops into my mind. Because whether I have been actively working out all year long, which we pretty much all know I have not, who cares if I pack on another 5 pounds because Christmas is right around the corner too and how will a few more pounds really matter because come Janurary 1, all the overeating, snacking and binge eating comes to a complete halt anyways. Our mindset shifts into reset mode and we try beginning this cycle all over again for about the first 2 weeks of the year, maybe again around your birthday and possibly a few other “special dates” set around the year.

Ok ok my other point of this post is to just throw this out there, do with it what you want, but just manifesting and spreading the thoughts of simple satisfactions in the form of food. Basically, I’ve already asked my mom to make all her normal dishes, side dishes, desserts and then some and I’m not going to change that. What I am attempting to change is the way I look at my meals as a whole, not just around the holidays in particular either. I want to gravitate towards using food as fuel and nourishment, its actual intention, rather than savagely feasting on every and anything placed in front of me. I might even go as far as looking up altered (healthy) recipes of some of my favorite fixings and perhaps print them out accidentally leaving them on my mom’s grocery list. I said perhaps but no promises have been specifically stated here. I know its all about portion control, your mindset and the ability to control every ounce of your body to NOT eat that third helping of the herbed giblet stuffing, but lets face it, I’m no where near that point yet.

I have a problem and its called food. I’m admitting I have an addiction to flavorful food. I will overcome this, not today, not tomorrow, and certainly not next week whilst helping myself to turkey traditions. My goal is to slowly but surely add a bountiful of healthy without sacrificing flavor. Game on and good luck to us all!

**Note: I will still write a few posts about delicious and unhealthy foods which I have consumed most recently. The goal from now on though is to order and or try to create meals that as a whole are healthy and delicious but most importantly, still packed with flavor, not calories.

cheesy artichoke & spinach dip

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