the most important meal of the day might as well be the tastiest

Consistently busy, mouth watering appetizingly delicious menu choices and always a friendly place with an even friendlier face. The Original Pancake House on PCH in Redondo Beach is by far one of my favorite breakfast go-to spots. Since I’ve been here so many times, I know what I like and only usually switch it up between a few things, but the two main breakfast bonanzas I order most often are either Eggs Michael or the Chicken Dinner Crepe.

This time happened to be a crepe kinda morning plus along side, 4 of the most delicate, well cooked little flat pockets of heaven were the potato pancakes. Well done accompanied with a nice slather of sour cream and ketchup.

My chicken crepe was as flavorful as a breakfast should be dripping with mushroom gravy, chunks of chicken and veggies, plus the crepe itself a savory spot of satisfaction. Lick your plate kinda good.

I also sampled on some chocolate chip pancakes which were equally delicious and each bite a mouthful of chocolate chip happiness.

Chicken Crepe w Potato Pancakes: A+
Fresh Squeezed OJ/Coffe: A
Service: A+

As usual, overall very satisfied with my meal and everything accompanying it. Will never stop craving or coming to my ultimate and favorite breakfast hangout.