patio scene

sangria rocks!

On a trend of checking out some new hot spots, I searched on Yelp and stumbled upon this eatery known as Rock & Brews. A quaint open-aired restaurant, or beer & rock garden as they refer to it, was packed to the brim filled with memorabilia from the rockin ages and tv’s to watch your latest sports craze. On this particular night, I was meeting up with an old friend to catch up on life.

I was on schedule and with the day I had endured, I got a table as quick as I could and ordered a drink right away. My friend was slightly off schedule but that didn’t stop me from immediately indulging myself with the La Bamba Red Sangria. There were two choices of this sweet wine and I told the waitress to surprise me. I’m glad she chose the red over the Goin’ To Acapulco White Sangria because she had mentioned the later to be sweeter than the red. As I am normally a lover of all things sweet, I like a nice balance of flavor in my alcoholic beverages and not one aspect to overpower another.

Wish there had been actual pieces of fruit rather than just a few maraschino cherries and a lemon topper. The Sangria was simple and to the point. Nothing amazing to really relish about but it sure kept me going for the time being and was a great cooler and palette cleanser when chowing down on the Garlic Cheese Fries. The fries could have been a bit more cheesier and more garlickly (two awesome combinations which one can never have enough of in my opinion, bread too, bread cheese & garlic mmmmm ok I’ll save that for another post) but were crisp on the outside and flaky on the inside, as they should be.

Sangria: B-
Garlic Cheese Fries: B+
Service: A

Overall, I’m glad I made it out of my element to try someplace new. Not saying I would go back and order the same things, but I would it give it another shot or two just for the ambiance factor. The place remained packed the whole night with parties of friends, families, dates and all things in between. Despite the torrid heat of the night, I along with everyone else seemed to be enjoying a beautiful night out in So Cal.